Best Lawnmower Guide – Which Lawn Mower is the Right One?

Every lawn finds its mower!

Many features play a role when choosing the right lawnmower. These are the most important questions you should answer before buying:

  • How much time do I want / can I spend on lawn care?
  • How big is my lawn?
  • How much money do I want to spend?

If you have clarified these questions for yourself, it is much easier to choose the right device. The offer is still huge and diverse!

Important criteria when choosing a lawnmower

Cutting width
There is a simple formula. The larger the cutting width of a lawnmower, the shorter the mowing time. Sure, because wider lawnmowers can drive wider tracks. Lawnmowers with a large cutting width usually also offer more equipment, for example wheel drive, large grass catchers or more powerful motors.

Mulch kit
A lawn mower with a mulch kit closes the mower deck’s chute. The clippings in the knife area are chopped up even more (mulched) and fed back into the lawn as organic fertilizer. The clippings length is of particular importance. The shorter the clippings, the better and faster the material can be used from the ground.

If you mulch, you have to mow more often, but you save the disposal of the grass clippings. You also mow and fertilize your lawn in one go.

Rasenmaeher Wichtige Kriterien

Lawnmower criteria

Lawnmowers are as different as the lawns they mow. Finding the right one isn’t easy. So that you still get a hit, we explain the criteria by which you can choose a lawn mower.

Size of the lawn area
Small lawn areas can still be worked with a cylinder mower. No electricity, no gasoline, no noise. The larger the lawn area, the larger and above all the more powerful the lawn mower should be.

The cutting width also results from the size of the lawn .

The larger the lawn, the larger the cutting width should be. Then mowing is faster.

Drive type
You can choose between petrol and electricity. Petrol lawn mowers have to be refueled and have a small internal combustion engine. As with a car, the machine stops when it runs out of fuel. Petrol lawn mowers are the most powerful for this. The electric lawnmowers are available with and without cables. The cable variant is suitable for gardens that are not quite as big, because you always need a socket within reach or extremely long cables. For the larger gardens, it’s best to use a cordless lawn mower. So you are totally flexible and can mow even in the most remote corners of the garden. The robotic lawnmowers also fall under the electric lawnmowers.

of your site will determine whether your lawnmower has a wheel drive or not. The lawn mower can be easily pushed on flat and even floors. But if the terrain is hilly or the ground is very uneven, then it is better your lawnmower has wheel drive. Otherwise it will be very difficult to push him in the long run.

The different types of drives are also differently loud. Basically:

 The more power, the louder.

So petrol lawnmowers are louder than electric lawnmowers. The quietest is the robotic lawnmower and, of course, the cylinder mower.

If you can comfortably push the lawn mower into the garage or shed after mowing, the weight is not particularly important. But if it has to be carried down to the basement, the weight can be important. The same applies here: the more power the harder. Gasoline engines are lighter than electrical variants.

Mostly depending on the price, the comfort that a lawnmower has to offer. Cable pulling has been the most common method for petrol lawnmowers. However, this requires some strength and tact. It is easier with an electric starter. The lawnmower starts at the push of a button. Much more convenient. There are also differences when it comes to the handle. Some handles are ergonomically shaped. This is very pleasant, especially with larger lawns.
A grass catcher is also very practical because the cut grass is collected there and you can dispose of it more easily. Without a grass catcher, you first have to add the grass clippings together.

Mulch putty
If you want to kill two birds with one stone, make sure that your lawnmower has a mulch putty. As a result, the grass clippings are cut particularly small and can remain on the lawn. This way, the soil is well supplied with nutrients and you save yourself having to dispose of the grass clippings.

Cutting height
When buying the lawnmower, make sure that the cutting height can be varied as well as possible. The different types of lawn have different ideal heights. Ornamental turf should be cut shorter than sports and play turf or shadow turf. It would be impractical if your lawn could only cover a small spectrum.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or improve your fitness, using a push lawn mower can give you a neatly trimmed yard with a quiet, low-maintenance lawn tool. Push lawn mowers offer a variety of features that improve performance while making the task of cutting the grass easier and quicker. Here are several that stand out for craftsmanship and design.

Lawn area Type Cutting width
up to 50 sqm Electric lawn mower / cordless lawn mower / hand mower 30 cm
up to 100 sqm Electric lawn mower / cordless lawn mower 35 cm
up to 200 sqm Electric lawn mower / cordless lawn mower / petrol lawn mower 40 cm
up to 400 sqm Electric lawn mower / petrol lawn mower 40 cm
up to 600 sqm Petrol lawn mower 40-45 cm
up to 800 sqm Petrol lawn mower 45-50 cm
up to 1,200 sqm Petrol lawn mower 50-55 cm
up to 1,400 sqm Petrol lawn mower 55 cm
600-800 sqm Riding mower 60-80 cm
800-2,000 sqm Ride-on mower / lawn tractor 80-100 cm
from 2,000 sqm Lawn tractor 100-110 cm
from 3,500 sqm Lawn tractor > 110 cm
from 5,000 sqm Lawn tractor > 120 cm
from 8,000 sqm Lawn tractor > 130 cm
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Electric lawn mower

The electric lawn mower is a classic among lawn mowers: it parks in many garages or tool sheds. There is a reason for this, because there is a lot to be said for the light electric variant. But he also has weaknesses.

Elektro Rasenmaeher

Advantages and disadvantages of electric lawn mowers

advantages disadvantage
  • cheaper than other petrol lawn mowers or lawn tractors and ride-on mowers
  • they are light
  • quietly
  • easy to steer
  • environmentally friendly
  • no tedious starting with a starter line
  • not as powerful as petrol lawn mowers
  • need a cable connection (impractical for land with trees, bushes and flowers)
  • not as powerful as a petrol lawn mower, but mostly stronger than a cordless lawn mower
  • only suitable for tall grass and large lawns if they are very high quality specimens

Petrol lawn mower

The petrol-powered lawn mowers are definitely the most powerful lawn mowers. They are particularly suitable for large lawns because you are not dependent on battery life or cable lengths.

With petrol lawnmowers, there are some differences in terms of equipment and the individual components. Here you can decide what is important to you or what you can do without.

Fuel for the lawn mower

You can use normal petrol from the petrol station for your lawnmower. But it should be unleaded premium gasoline. Only use E-10 gasoline if it is expressly permitted in the operating instructions. The same applies to the engine oil.

Special and biofuels are also suitable because they do not contain any harmful substances. Nevertheless, make sure that you can fill them into your lawnmower.

If your lawnmower has not been in operation for a longer period (longer than 4 weeks), you should mix a fuel stabilizer with the petrol the next time you refuel, because the petrol in the tank can age and the quality deteriorates.

If you store the petrol lawn mower – for example over winter – then empty the tank. The gasoline evaporates over time and leaves incrustations – for example in the carburetor. They affect functionality. The lawnmower may stutter and smoke during operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of petrol lawn mowers

advantages disadvantage
  • are very powerful and are suitable for large lawns (over 200 sqm)
  • cope with very high grass due to their high speed
  • are independent of battery chargers and power connections
  • are very loud
  • produce exhaust gases
  • are usually difficult and are not easy to steer

Cordless lawn mower

Tips for correct operation

Cordless lawnmowers lose a large part of their performance due to incorrect user behavior. It doesn’t have to be!

Start the lawnmower

  • It is mandatory that lawnmower blades stand within three seconds of being switched off. This is only achieved by the battery braking the knife at the expense of the battery capacity.
  • If you switch off the lawn mower too often, you will lose your battery life. If you make sure that you do not switch off the lawn mower while turning, the battery will last a little longer.
  • Do not start the lawn mower in tall grass. It is better to start the machine outside the lawn and drive into the grass at full load.
  • Which lawn area you can mow per battery charge is also influenced by your driving style. Avoid mowing overlaps. So mow one track next to the other.

Lawn area

  • The condition of the lawn can affect battery performance. Is it a well-tended lawn or a wild grass landscape? Has the lawn been scarified or is the surface sealed? In the latter case, there is a growth-preventing sponge layer on the lawn, which inhibits the penetration of water, oxygen and fertilizer. Depending on the condition of the lawn, the mower’s motor must work more or less. This affects the battery capacity.

Advantages and disadvantages of cordless lawn mowers

advantages disadvantage
  • very light garden machines
  • quietly
  • easy to steer
  • wireless
  • environmentally friendly
  • less powerful
  • not ready for use when the battery is empty
  • mostly more expensive than electric lawnmowers

Lawn tractors and ride-on mowers

When is the purchase worthwhile?

Of course, it looks majestic when you prune your lawn on a lawn tractor or ride-on mower. However, you do not have to be a large landowner so that it is worth buying such a garden tool. Due to their maneuverability, ride-on mowers make sense on areas from 600 square meters.

What is the difference between a lawn tractor and a ride-on mower?

  • In a ride-on mower, the driver sits above the engine, in a lawn tractor the drive unit is in front of him.
  • The advantage of tractors is their versatility. They are not only suitable for mowing the lawn. Devices such as snow clearers, sweeping brooms, spreading trailers and much more can also be attached to them.
  • The price is of course also decisive: ride-on mowers are generally cheaper.
  • Ride-on mowers are usually smaller and less powerful than lawn tractors.
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Aufsitzmaeher oder Rasentraktor

Essential machine components

Rear or side discharge?

  • Rear discharge tractors throw the clippings directly into the grass catcher directly via the rear axle. This is how tall and wet grass can be mown. Leaves can also be collected in autumn.
  • A lawn tractor with side discharge is suitable if you do not want to collect the clippings.

Different types of gears

  • Transmatic gears enable a continuously variable gear change. The tractor can brake and start again via the brake pedal without having to change gear.
  • With a hydro-start transmission , the driving speed can be regulated continuously without having to clutch or shift.
  • In automatic transmissions , the speed control and the direction of travel are controlled exclusively via the accelerator pedal. Switching and coupling is no longer necessary.

Robotic lawnmowers

Mowing is good, mowing is better! Robotic lawnmowers make it possible: No more trotting tracks in the garden, just watching how the robotic lawnmower does it – and sunbathing! The battery-operated modern garden helpers are the purest leisure generators!


Operate the robotic lawnmower correctly

Lawnmower robots do their work completely independently. You once mark out the area to be mowed with a boundary wire. You will receive detailed instructions for this in the operating instructions.

The first steps to operating a robotic lawnmower correctly:

  • In order for the robotic lawnmower to know where to go and where not to go, it needs a cable – an induction loop – which, so to speak, defines its territory. This cord must be on or under the lawn.
  • Fix the cable temporarily on the floor using the hooks provided. So you can still make corrections in the first weeks after installation. After a while the induction loop has grown.
  • You can also dig in the cable, for example if you want to scarify or aerate your lawn.
  • Very weak current is conducted through the induction loop, which the robotic lawnmower registers during its mowing work and changes the direction of travel accordingly.
  • Search cables can also be installed on some models. This is a cable that leads to the charging station – for example in a remote part of the work area or through a narrow passage. It is connected to the boundary wire and quickly guides the robotic lawnmower back into the charging station. After charging, this guide wire guides the mower from the charging station to its last working area. In addition to mowing, this function also saves you having to manually charge the device!
  • After the cable installation, you enter the desired mowing times and from then on the robotic lawnmower will always work when you should actually have to.

Advantages of a robotic lawnmower

  • Energy-saving: Never push heavy lawn mowers in front of you again. This is a relief especially for older people.
  • Time-saving: the mowing time will become leisure in the future. In addition, the garden machine takes over the disposal of the grass clippings for you. All models have an integrated mulching function.
  • Very easy: the operation is easy. Use the boundary wire to mark the lawn that needs to be trimmed and insert it into the device. Here we go! Weekly programs can also be saved on some models.
  • Environmentally friendly: no petrol, no oil, no exhaust gases
  • Quiet: The robotic lawnmower works almost noiselessly.
  • Quality work: The machine can be optimally adjusted to your lawn and thus ensures high mowing quality. The result: a beautiful, homogeneous lawn.
  • Safe: The device is equipped with many safety precautions. Among other things, a lift sensor stops the mower when it is raised and a wire sensor stops the mower when it gets behind the perimeter wire. The bumper sensor also keeps it away from solid objects.
  • Undemanding: The robotic lawnmower is suitable for all types of lawn and does its job in any weather. Obstacles and gradients are also no problem for most models.
  • The use of such machines is also very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Essential machine features

Robotic lawnmowers are available in different versions and performance classes with regard to cutting surface, cutting width and cutting height.
Cutting performance

  • Depending on the model, the robotic lawnmowers can mow areas from 400 to 2,000 square meters. It depends on the performance of the robot.
  • There are also differences in the cutting width. Some robotic lawnmowers mow tracks 17 cm wide, others suddenly create 53 cm.
  • The models differ in the setting of the cutting height. As a rule, robotic lawnmowers can shorten the lawn to 20 mm. The maximum cutting height is between 50 and 80 mm.

Power supply
A key feature of the purchase is the battery technology. If you want to completely avoid charging the robotic lawnmower, choose a model that can drive back to the charging station independently. Lithium-ion technology is the standard today due to its high energy density and quick-charge capability. Other battery types may be cheaper, but are characterized by higher weight, longer charging times and shorter working hours.

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Mulching function
When tending with a robotic lawnmower, your lawn always looks like freshly mowed. This is not least due to the integrated mulching function in all models.

While the device is working, it uses the cut lawn directly as fertilizer, which it immediately distributes back onto the mowing area.

Maintain and hibernate lawnmowers

Some maintenance measures are the same for all lawnmower types, but others are fundamentally different and must be observed depending on the type.

The following applies to all lawn mowers from cylinder mowers to robots:

  • Always clean your lawnmower thoroughly immediately after use. Especially after the last lawn mower use of the year. You can remove grass residue stuck to the housing with a wooden or plastic spatula or with a brush.
  • Always follow the care instructions for your model exactly as it appears in the instruction manual. So you do not break anything by incorrect care and get the guarantee.
  • For most devices, it is advisable to spray the inside of the housing with a suitable care spray. This means that less grass residue adheres and you make maintenance easier.
  • So that your lawnmower always cuts well, you should have the knives sharpened every 25 working hours. Our service for gasoline-powered machines is available for you in the market.
  • All lawnmowers should spend the winter in a dry, frost and dust-free room – for example a garden house. The starter battery of some models can be damaged in frost.


Maintain and hibernate electric lawnmowers

If you want to get something from your lawnmower for a long time, then you should take good care of it. Note the points above and you have a functional and well-maintained lawnmower that lasts a long time.

Basically, electric lawnmowers do not require any special care, but always make sure that you pull the plug or remove the battery before you start maintenance work. This is how you prevent the lawnmower from going off while you are working on it!

Maintain and hibernate petrol lawn mowers

  • Make sure that no grass remains stick to the exhaust or the cooling fins of the cylinder. There is a risk of fire here. Clean these parts very thoroughly.
  • Before starting the maintenance work, always remove the spark plug connector from the spark plug for safety.
  • Even if the lawnmower is not active in winter, you should check the oil level and make an oil change under certain circumstances. If you take this into your own hands, then follow the instructions for use and only use suitable motor oil.
  • We will dispose of your old motor oil professionally and free of charge if you buy new motor oil from us.
  • Before the winter break, it is best to empty the tank completely, as the fuel loses its starting properties over the winter.

Benzinrasenmaeher ueberwintern und pflegen

Maintain and hibernate cordless lawnmowers

In cordless lawnmowers, electricity partly comes from nickel-cadmium batteries, which discharge themselves over time. This is not a problem as long as the batteries are not completely empty for a long time. After the season and before storing, run the devices empty again and then fully charge the batteries. During the winter break, it is sufficient to recharge after 2 to 3 months.

Batteries with lithium-ion technology are actually standard today. They are characterized by their high energy density and quick charging capacity. They also don’t have to be fully charged before going into “hibernation”. If they are discharged, they go into a state of rest and cannot be damaged if they are stored correctly.

Cordless lawnmowers are virtually maintenance-free. Apart from grinding the lawnmower knife, there is hardly any service work.

Akku Rasenmaeher

Maintain and hibernate the robotic lawnmower

  • Remove dirt and grass residue with a damp rag or brush. Do not use running water, solvents, or caustic cleaners to clean the robotic lawnmower. When cleaning, make sure that the battery fuse is removed from the mower. This is the only way to ensure that the device does not start up unexpectedly.
  • Also check the knives for any damage and replace them if necessary. For models with cutter bars, it is recommended that the blades be replaced once a year. Models with knife blades should be replaced when they are worn, which can happen more than once a year.
  • Before storing in winter, consider the instructions for recharging the battery in the operating instructions for your robotic lawnmower! Depending on the type of battery, for example, it is fully charged and then stored separately from the robot. Other robotic lawnmowers, in turn, have a trickle charger to which they are permanently connected for the winter.
  • Don’t just think about storing the robot. The charging station must also be dismantled and stored dry.
  • The boundary cables can hibernate buried in the ground. You should isolate protruding ends to protect them from oxidation.
  • After the winter break, you should check the settings of your robotic lawnmower. Re-assemble the charging station and check the contacts and cable ends for dirt before connecting. You can clean them with emery paper.Maehroboter ueberwintern und pflegen

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