Best Trimmer Lines for 2020

Trimmer line is the secret for an amazingly manicured lawn or yard. It helps in grooming the outdoor areas through its easy processes.

Although people tend to think that all the trimmers work well and same for each and every area but that’s not what reality looks like. A trimmer that might work amazingly for a particular geographical area might not work in the same way for other areas.

So, today we’ll be guiding you through the most amazing trimmers and will provide a spotlight for its features. We will also provide you with the list of top 10 trimmers as well as the full review of the top 3 trimmers.

Buying Trimmer Line? Here Are a Few Pre-Purchase Considerations

In order to determine the effectiveness of your trimmer we must know at what rate does the trimmer wears and the frequency of its purchase. The material used in its making is another factor which affects a trimmer’s wear and tear.

Titanium and nylon are the materials which is most often used in its making.

  • Nylon.  As nylon tends to perform well in all kinds of trimming situations that is why hardened nylons are vastly used in trimmer’s making. If you want to go for something cheap yet has a lovely quality then nylon definitely should be your choice. Titanium. Titanium is a very recent addition to the trimmer work but has shown high promises in terms of durability and energy efficiency. It lets one work quicker; therefore the cost over time reduces greatly.

What’s good to Know When Shopping for Trimmer Line?

There are different diameters you can choose depending upon the work it has to do.

  • 065 to 0.080 Inches. This measure’s trimmer work well for trimming thin weeds found in residential gardens.
  • 085 to 0.105. It’s preferred for trimming heavy weeds in medium or large lawns.
  • 110 Inches or Greater. This diameter’s trimmer suit well for performing heavy tasks in large spaces where one might encounter quite heavy growth of weeds needed to ne regularly trimmed.
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There are different cross-sections available for trimmer.

  • Round. It’s one of the most basic shapes that can be found. It has proved to do an amazing work on residential properties which involves several light work.
  • Square. It does wonders if it’s used professionally on heavy weeds
  • Multi-Sided. Thick, heavy weeds and large yards call for trimmer line with this shape.
  • Twisted. It is capable of performing heavy duties at a low level of noise
  • Serrated. It provides a clean and quick work on thick, heavy weeds and grass.

NOTE: The instruction manual provided will guide you about the appropriate shape and diameter of the trimmer line you should use with your trimmer.

Top 3 Best Trimmer Line Reviews

1. Oregon Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum

The Oregon 22-895 Gatorline has the top position in the category of best trimmers. It is heat resistant and strong because of the aramid fibers it has.

The outer layer of this product does not show any signs of welding due to its impact resistance. This means you are free to use it on strong/ hard surfaces without compromising its integrity or formation. This trimmer line’s inner core is resistant to any kind of breaking. This device will last longer and perform better in comparison to other devices.

It’s not us but the reviews of the buyers which claims that this product is a good investment in terms of prices, it does not stop here but with the full satisfaction of buyers.

2. DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line

Customers have a great sense of affection and trust on the DEWALT brand and same trust can be placed upon its trimmer string i.e. the DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line.

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High quality material is used in its making. It is flexible and shows resistance to damage from hard surfaces. It has an aerodynamic design which makes its working efficient and helps in completing the tasks without hassle.

It has a diameter of 0.080 inches, due to which you can expect it to handle light to medium jobs easily. It is quite durable which has also been appreciated by the buyers.

3. LoNoiz Spool Commercial Grade Spiral Twist Quiet

The LoNoiz Grass Trimmer Line helps you in completing your tasks at low level of noise. It is perfect for commercial use, all credit goes to its amazing strength.

Its 0.130 inches of diameter will help you through all the tough jobs out there. According to the reviews of the buyers it’s able to perform well even on the hardest vegetation.

If you want to purchase it then, you can use the color coding system to find out the correct diameter according to your needs.


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