Can you mow wet lawn or not? Expert Gardening Tips

For many hobby gardeners, the lawn is one of the favorite and most intensely looked after areas in the home garden. All the more controversial issues around the care and maintenance of this green space are discussed. Again and again the center of numerous discussions is the question of whether you can mow wet lawns or whether you mow the lawn by mowing the lawn in wet condition rather than using it.

Lawn care can be a challenge, especially in spring and autumn . Often it can take several weeks for the grass to be wet and difficult to mow. Nevertheless, lawn care does not have to be dispensed with during this time.

Mowing is not possible in the rain, but it doesn’t matter if the grass is damp. Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider, because incorrect handling of wet grass can permanently damage the lawn.

Mowing in wet lawn and sun

However, you should only mow a wet lawn in combination with dry weather under certain conditions. If the sky is overcast, the intervention is hardly a problem for the plants and can be equated to cutting a dry lawn.

The situation is different when a wet lawn meets the blazing sun. You have surely heard of the sunlight-focusing effects of water drops. What quickly burns human skin in the outdoor pool or at the sea can also quickly and sustainably damage damaged plants.

This means that from a biological point of view you can basically mow a wet lawn as long as it does not take place under intense tanning.

TIP: Keep in mind that you should not only shorten your lawn when the sky is overcast. Because, of course, the sunshine is also significantly reduced in the early morning or late afternoon, so that you can mow it here even when the sky is clear.

Mulching prohibited

It is impossible to mulch wet lawns . This would probably strain almost every lawn mower, the wet grass on the lawn is much more problematic. The grass would not compost properly and start to rot or become moldy.

In bad weather, the grass should always be removed from the surface, even if it is more complex. This also applies if bad weather is announced immediately after mulching. Mulch should have at least three days before it rains. In time the grass dries and the stalks have the opportunity to grow through again.

Cutting height

With lawnmowers or robots, the cutting height should be significantly higher in damp grass. Moist grass is difficult to mow and, if the cutting height is too low, it can become a wet mud that clogs the mower. Only a third of the previous height should therefore be reduced. If you want your lawn to be shorter, you have to mow the area in several stages.

It is also important that the knife is sharp. If the grass is wet, it can happen that a blunt knife not only mows improperly, but does not cut the blades, but tends to fray them. This makes the grass more susceptible to diseases and mold.

Tip: Lawn should not be shortened too much, regardless of the weather, otherwise gaps can quickly arise.


Cutting time

  • depending on the weather
  • do not cut immediately after downpour
  • wait at least half an hour
  • hard to find the right time
  • can vary significantly
  • depending on the intensity of the rain
  • Check wet lawn beforehand
  • Straws must not lie flat on the ground
  • The mower would then not catch grass properly
  • Straws at least so dry that they have straightened up again

When you can mow is therefore always dependent on the weather after a downpour. If there is wind or sun afterwards, this can significantly shorten the waiting time. Under no circumstances should the grass be mowed when the blades are pointing down.

Tip: The lawn should not be entered before mowing. In this case, the grass is also turned over, which significantly shifts the time of mowing.

Mowing the lawn properly

When mowing the lawn , it is important not to make long tracks. The basket must be emptied after a maximum of half the time. When mowing wet grass, do the following

  • Adjust the lawn mower to the appropriate level
  • lift the mower slightly when starting
  • slowly lower into the damp grass
  • Move the mower forward slowly
  • Empty the grass catcher frequently
  • check regularly whether grass clogs the discharge

After lawn care

After the cut is finished, it is important that the mower is not simply placed in the corner. The moisture can also damage the devices and, in the worst case, lead to rust. Robots should also be checked after cutting wet grass.

After the lawn is cut, the remaining grass is removed from the device. If necessary, wipe with a rag. Clogged areas, including the grass catcher, should be cleaned thoroughly.

The lawnmower

It has now been clarified that the lawn can usually cope with a wet cut. However, this is not enough. After all, grass cutting is not possible without technology.

Generally speaking, a blade of grass does not change its resistance even when it is wet, so the technical device should be able to cut even wet blades of grass. But:

  • The mower closes quickly due to wet grass clippings
  • The blades of grass are less accessible for the blades if the blades are down due to the weight of the water
  • Danger of the wheels sinking or driven lawn mowers getting stuck in softened ground
  • Difficulty picking up the grass clippings
  • As a result: less ventilation of the lawn and increased risk of mold and putrefaction, as well as settlement of mosses etc.

The floor

In addition to the technical device, the floor also plays a role in deciding for or against cutting the lawn in the rain. Because contrary to the lawn plants themselves, it actually changes in essential aspects when it is damp or wet:

  • Less hold for root system, thus easier extraction of the plants from the softened soil by mowing knives
  • Increasing compressibility due to moisture
  • As a result: high soil compaction through driving with a lawn mower when it is wet
  • As a result: less soil aeration, poorer precipitation infiltration, generally more disadvantageous care for the plants

NOTE: The ground does not have to be damp on every wet lawn. Before deciding on the mowing process, first check with your finger how dry or wet the soil is. Even with wet lawn, you can mow without hesitation if the soil is only moderately damp.

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