Best Soils for Succulents – Comprehensive Buying Guide

Whenever we talk about the most adaptable and easy to handle plant, succulent is considered to be amongst the top ones. It’s not only a low maintenance plant but also doesn’t require special area; it can be either kept inside the house or outside. If your garden/ pot has the perfect quality of soil then, it can grow very well and stay healthy for years.

If you know this plant’s soil requirement then you’re ready to grow this plant. It’s just like cactus, the way cactus requires a particular type of soil to support its growth, in the same way succulent does. We with the help of this guide will be literally focusing on it.

We’ll prepare a rating and review of the different soils available in the market and will also mention about the best soil for succulents.

Top 10 Soils for Succulents Comparison Chart

Picture Name Weight/Amount Price Rating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Green Planet Naturals Quality Ingredients – Cactus Mix with Mycorrhizae – 16 Dry Quarts Soil! 16 Quarts $$$ 5.0
2. Bliss Gardens Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil – 1 Gallon 1 Gallon $$ 4.9
3. Window Garden Fiber Soil Organic Potting Soil + Hydrating Bag = Healthy Plants. 10 or 12 Quarts $$ 4.8
4. SuperMoss (01131) HeirBloom Succulent Soil with Fertilizer, Small Bale (2.33 ft3z) 1 Bale (2.33 cubic feet) $$$$ 4.6
5. Sun Gro Horticulture Black Gold Cactus Mix (8 qt) 1 or 8 Quarts $ 4.6
6. Hoffman 10404 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix, 4 Quarts 4 Quarts $$ 4.4
7. Espoma CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix 4 Quarts $$ 4.4
8. Triumph Plant Convenient 230g Individual Brick – Coconut Coir Fiber – Coconut Peat Each brick makes 1 gallon of soil $ 4.3
9. Miracle-Gro Cactus Palm and Citrus Potting Mix, 8-Quart (currently ships to select Northeastern & Midwestern states) 8 Quarts $ 4.3
10. Roots Organics ROD75 Potting Soil, .75 cu. ft. 10 Gallons $ 4.1
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Buying Information

We’ll first talk about the features of this plant:

  • It stores water in its leaves which gives its leaves a fleshy look.
  • They won’t stay healthy in humid conditions as they require dry condition for its growth.
  • They are drought resistant and can survive without water for a long time as it’s stored in their leaves.
  • Its propagative feature may give rise to younger plants from itself.

No doubt that, this soil doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but it does require a perfect soil for staying healthy. Some gardeners have faith in soil recipes for making the soil perfect while another alternative is buying soil which can ensure perfect growth of the plant.

If you’re in search of best soil for succulents then ensure that you buy the soil which has at least one of these present in them:

  • Organic Matter. Finely ground coconut fibers, finely ground bark and peat moss helps water in seeping down the soil very quickly.
  • Inorganic Matter. Pumice, crushed granite or perlite helps in keeping the soil airy and powdery; this ensures fast seeping of water.

In case you’re unable to find a perfect soil for succulent then, you can use the same soil as cactus as it will give alike results,

Here are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Change the soil of the succulent after you buy it.
  • Go for a sandy soil as it helps the water penetrate through it, which is a must for succulents.
  • In case you’re planting succulent in a pot with no draining hole then make sure that you put enough pebbles at the bottom of the containers so that it gets easier for the water to seep down.
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Top 3 Best Soil for Succulents Reviews


1. Green Planet Naturals Cactus Mix with Mycorrhizae

We have told you already that soil for succulents can be same as cactus’ soil, and the product which we’re going to talk about here’s one of the finest quality soil available. It contains35-45% volcanic pumice, sand, pumice fines, sphagnum peat moss and coco coir (coconut fibers). You can buy a pack size of 16 quart.

Although there is no need to mix anything in this soil but in case soil needs extra pumice you can add it.

Mycorrhiza is a fungus which helps the soil in several ways: it makes the soil a “living soil” and helps plants in absorbing and benefitting from nutrients found in the soil.

It’s a bit expensive product. It might not be budget friendly for many but it definitely is too good for cacti and succulents. If you’ll use it once you won’t be able to resist yourself from using it all over again.


2. Bliss Gardens Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil

It is a handmade inexpensive soil. It consists of perlite, coco coir, peat moss, forest humus, bat guano and worm castings. This soil also contains Mycorrhizae, shale rocks and horticultural charcoals. It has a one gallon size.

This soil drains well and also is light in weight. It works amazingly for new plants as well as old ones to boost its growth. Amazing smell and good texture too accompany this soil. If you water this soil once a month then it’s sufficient.

The only drawback of this one product is its quantity. You’ll have to buy various bags of this product as just a gallon is not sufficient. It works well for any soil and not just succulent.

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3. Window Garden Fiber Soil Organic Potting Soil

It’s a fiber soil with different kinds of soil. These microscopic fibers help in a better drainage. Air spaces are created because of these coconut husk fibers; it lets the oxygen reach the roots of the plant and helps in preventing the plant from getting over watered. There are 2 size choices available; 10 quart or 12 quart.

It is an organic, ecofriendly product and does not contain peat. It’s reusable and renewable. It is packed in 7” x 7” x 1.5” dimensions and will expand as soon as water is added to it. Use water for this soil’s hydration. If you don’t then it might take some time for its expansion. This soi;l is low on nutrients and it’s mandatory for you to add fertilizer to it.

It is a good option for succulents in each and every way; it also comes with a bag that can be used for its hydration. This product is inexpensive. It has a disc shaped packaging, which helps it in carrying easily.


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