Best Dandelion Killers for 2020

As a kid, we all loved to see dandelions sprouting but today as an adult, seeing the same ones growing in our lawns makes us very angry.

In case you too face the same issues then we’ve a list of dandelion killers. Choose according to your requirements. We also provide you with buying guide, best three dandelion killers as well as a review of those ones.

Do You Want to Just Kill Dandelions or Other Plants Too?

While choosing a perfect dandelion killer for your garden, what you should take care of is all the needs ‘that’ killer should cater to. Is it just ‘dandelion’ you seek to get rid of or other variety of weeds too?

  • Selective Herbicide. Incase dandelions are the only nuisance to you/ your lawn, which you want to get rid of then you should probably get for ‘selective herbicide’. This kind of product will help you in getting rid of dandelions without causing problems to other plants present in y our lawn.
  • Non-Selective Herbicide. In case growth of dandelions or any other kind of weed worries you then you should go for non-selective herbicide. It’ll help you get rid of any kind of weed including dandelions which might grow in the areas where you don’t need any kind of plant.

You Might Need Both Nonselective and Selective Herbicides

In most of the lawns there’s a presence of a variety of surfaces; it includes flower beds, patios and driveways.

In case you’re troubled because of the presence of dandelions from flowerbeds to driveways, then in that case you’re advised to go for both selective and non-selective herbicides, it’ll cater to the –problems of both areas of your lawn.

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It’s likely for the buyer to feel no need of 2 products because of its costs, but it’s highly recommended if you have such troubles. Nobody wants their expensive houses to lack at appearance so, don’t seek cheap alternatives.

Once you get rid of all these weeds from your lawn, you can enjoy a much cleaner and weed free lawn.

What Kind of Herbicide Will Take Care of Dandelions?

Dandelion is categorized under ‘broadleaf weeds’. This category weeds require a formula specially meant for its killing.

Trimming down of dandelions from its stem does not solve the whole problem; in order to truly get rid of these one must kill the roots of such weeds.

Top 3 Best Dandelion Killer Reviews

1. Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer with Extended Control Concentrate

In case the problem of the overgrowth is not in your whole lawn, instead it’s limited to your house’s driveway or around your patio, you can trust this product to resolve this whole issue. If your yard’s filled with weeds, with this product’s help you’ll be able to re-seed your yard, keeping the whole season’s weed at bay from your lawn and other areas.

It’s a product that will help you at killing over 200 broadleaf weeds, this includes chickweed, dandelion etc.; these are able of irritating allergies, for e.g. ragweed. It’ll help you in getting rid of the most stubborn weeds too.

You can blindly faith it to cover up to 16,000 sq. feet area. You can expect weeds to not grow up till 3 months of time as it’d be killed at roots.

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It starts to function just after an hour of its application. In case there are plants in your lawn you would want to conserve then put a piece of plastic; due to this you’ll be able to save plants you don’t want to get rid of while you’ll be able to get rid of the stubborn ones.

2. Roundup Weed and Grass Killer III

If you’re worrying if rain will wash away the herbicide then no need to, because it’s a rainproof herbicide. Another boon is that dandelions starts to die within 3 hours of its application.

It’s a ready to use product and helps you avoid the problem of mixing different herbicides.

It’s safe to use this product on flower beds, vegetable gardens; but make sure that you do not spray it directly on the vegetables as it might kill them too.

In case you’re blessed with a backyard then all you need to do is spray this product on the fence; it’ll help you have a backyard free from dandelions.

3. Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer

Do not forget about Southern Ag 2, 4-D if you want to buy the best dandelion killer. Don’t worry about the type of grass it’s suitable for, as this product can be used for end number of grass types without causing them any harm. It can be used on a variety of vegetation without causing them any harm, but it gets very powerful on weeds and can easily get rid of broadleaf plants.

Make sure that you cover vegetable plants before using it on them, as certain veggies and herbs are sensitive to such herbicides and this product might end up hurting them if sprayed in excess amount. To be on a safer side one must ensure to use products which are friendly towards edible plants.

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All you need to do is to mix this product with water and spray it in your lawn/ yard. It is capable of covering an area of about 1,000 sq. feet. One thing that’s guaranteed is that dandelion problem will be resolved as soon as you start using it.



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